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headhunting services for companies

We carry out customized, confidential, and effective identification processes of top management profiles.



We meet with your team to define the position’s range and scope. We advise and design a search strategy and an action plan together with a bespoke timetable.


market mapping

Market knowledge and cutting-edge technology are key to our value proposal We apply effective methodologies combined with the best tools for market mapping and profile identification through artificial intelligence and machine learning.



Once the shortlist of candidates has been attained, we confidentially analyze the suitability of each profile to the position and the company, as well as the cultural fitting. We identify the change motivations and expectations and address the project’s conditions in detail.


talent management

We submit a talent pool of suitable candidates with an individual report itemizing each candidate’s technical and personal profile. In addition, we include a competences and skills analysis together with a recommendations file.



We assist during the negotiation process for the onboarding of the selected candidate and, once it’s finished, we monitor performance and offer a replacement guarantee should the profile’s adaptation not be as expected.


Headhunting is a personnel selection method whereby a headhunter directly searches for the specific professional profile that a company requests, without the future candidate being actively looking for a new job.

A headhunter searches for personnel, focusing on people’s talents. To this end, he or she carries out a considerable filtering of the entire labor market through what is known as headhunting.

Headhunting companies are specialized in searching for personnel with a specific job profile. Headhunting agencies recruit and select job profiles that are hard to find.

Headhunters are looking for the best candidates and will therefore only target the most prominent professionals in their field, having a good reputation and full command of the skills the client is looking for.

When a company is looking to fill a senior position, they contact their trusted headhunting firm to start the process.

First, the headhunting company will gather as much information as possible about the job position. Next, the headhunter will define the potential target market with interesting candidates. Next, the headhunter will define the potential target market with interesting candidates.

The headhunter will then follow a series of strategies to gain access to potential candidates from among the professionals being targeted. In a highly discreet way, they will be contacted and motivated, so they are open to the possibility of taking on a new challenge.

Finally, the headhunter will submit a list of final candidates so that the company can select the best fit for the position.

Often, companies are limited when it comes to looking for high-level technological profiles and need to outsource this task to a specialized headhunting firm. The main advantages are the discretion with which they manage the process, their extensive knowledge of the different market niches and their access to many candidates, thereby saving time and money.

Headhunters are specialized in searching for talent among the top ranks of companies. Therefore, if you’re looking to fill a managerial or executive position in your company that requires not only specific experience but also certain personal skills, it is advisable to hire the services of a headhunter.

In some countries headhunting is more deeply rooted than in others, but clearly the practice is carried out at an international level. In fact, the headhunter’s job is to look for the ideal profile, even if it means extending the search abroad.


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