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We fill temporary senior management positions for key projects

interim management services

We cover temporary positions for business transformation and the promotion of strategic projects.



We get together with your team to define the position’s range and scope. We advise and design a search strategy and an action plan together with a bespoke timetable.



Once the shortlist of candidates has been attained, we confidentially analyze the suitability of each profile to the position and the company, as well as the cultural fitting. We identify the change motivations and expectations and address the project’s conditions in detail.


talent management

We submit a talent pool of suitable candidates with an individual report itemizing each candidate’s technical and personal profile.


talent management

We manage the recruitment and temporary availability of the profile selected for the project.


Interim management consists of identifying professionals with extensive experience in leadership and management to join a company to carry out a very specific executive mission with pre-defined goals for a given period. It’s a new way of attracting talent based on filling interim senior management positions for key projects.

Interim management is the perfect solution when a strategic or managerial position is temporarily vacant and needs to be filled. An interim manager is a true expert and can fill a talent gap quickly, within a set period, without long-term commitments.

Interim management gives you access to a pool of highly experienced professionals willing to work on projects, whose onboarding and adaptation process will be short, efficient, and successful. By hiring an interim manager, you will not only get the job done, but the organization will also gain an immense added value from the expertise acquired by the professional in the different companies he or she has worked for. It can also become a bridge to a subsequent permanent contract. Interim management meets the company’s talent needs, shortens the recruitment cycle, and cuts down the opportunity cost.

During the fixed period, interim managers work in the company, taking over its overall management or a specific department. Therefore, they analyze, put forward, plan, and execute one of the company’s projects as a member of the management team.

Consultancy firms specializing in this process are constantly on the move, updating their databases with experts in every sector and management tasks belonging to the Management Committee or the Board of Directors so they can submit the ideal candidate for a management position at short notice. Therefore, when a company needs an important position to be filled immediately, it’s more effective to turn to this type of consultancy firms since part of the process has already been made. Based on the company’s requirements, the consultancy firm will be able to submit several candidates from which to choose the one that best suits the company’s needs.


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