We advise managers in transition

We accompany them in their search for new challenges and advise them on how to refocus their professional careers.

outplacement services

We assist restructuring companies and executives who wish to refocus their career plan.



Through personal interviews, we evaluate strengths and potential improvement areas. We review the professional background, performance in previous positions and motivations to look for a new challenge.



We analyze current labor market trends and employability in the new digital era. We look for matches between profile and demand, focusing on the sectors and positions that are booming worldwide.



We cooperate with the most renowned and innovative business schools, whom we have agreements with, to access their degrees under the most favorable conditions.



We offer the possibility of becoming part of the company’s network of consultants who are recruitment experts in several sectors. We advise professionals in three different directions: vacancies for our clients, choosing where you want to work and making the most out of our network.


talent advice

We design personal branding strategies, advise on the use of professional social networks, and help identify opportunities that best fit each profile.


Outplacement is the relocation of some of the organization’s employees to other companies, in accordance with their professional profile and career plan. This usually includes psychological assistance to cope with the job loss, which often entails high levels of stress. This practice is increasingly adopted since it helps both companies and employees who have been affected by restructuring or downsizing.

For an outplacement process to be efficient and add value to both the company and the employee, the skills and abilities of the dismissed employee must be evaluated. In this way, it will be possible to identify other positions for which he or she is best qualified. Advising the employee with total sincerity and offering a real and honest vision of the labor market and of his or her possibilities will also be necessary. It’s important to help the employee set future goals and a long-term plan for his or her professional career. Psychological counselling is appropriate throughout the process to avoid eventual disorders in the dismissed employee such as depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem.

Outplacement makes negotiation with each employee easier, it mitigates the emotional impact that the process may have on dismissed employees, it positively promotes the company’s employer branding and it helps to manage redundancy processes while increasing the candidate’s chances of finding a job quickly and assisting them as they face a professional challenge.

For outplacement to work, it’s critical to have a positive approach towards job searching, to define a search strategy based on each person’s profile, to know which job search methods better suit each profile and to prepare an attractive CV.

Outplacement ensures that the company’s reputation isn’t negatively affected after a personnel restructuring process or the dismissal of several employees. At the same time, it favors the integration of the dismissed employees into the labor market.

Resorting to outplacement is already seeking the benefit of both the company and the employee. It’s not only helping the dismissed employees to find new jobs that suit their skills, but it also improves the company’s image both from an internal and external perspective, with the employees perceiving the company’s moral and human commitment.

To carry out an outplacement process you shall devise a plan that makes the transition easier, evaluate the relocation, notify the affected executives, provide psychological support, and make the necessary arrangements for the change of the rest of the employees.


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