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RPO is the acronym for recruitment process outsourcing. This is carried out by a company that decides to hire the services of a specialized company in a certain field or service, in this case the recruitment of skilled professionals.

RPO is mainly used to help companies looking to fill a position in the organization. Selecting the right person for a position requires spending a lot of time and effort that company management can devote to more important tasks in their usual activity. RPO saves the company from having to design the recruitment process (at the risk of making mistakes), posting offers and receiving massive responses from applicants who don’t fit the profile, conducting many interviews, and making the final decision after having spent hours evaluating the candidates.

The main advantage of RPO is that the hiring company saves time, effort, and money. By outsourcing the recruitment process, the company will have recruitment experts at its disposal, which will improve the company’s image and reach more quality candidates thanks to their databases and tools.

There are three types of RPO:

End-to-end RPO: it offers a complete mass recruitment process, from profile selection to signing the contract.

Functional RPO: it handles certain stages or functions of the recruitment process, offering bespoke services.

Project-based RPO: the company may require RPO services not to fill a specific position in the company but to carry out a specific project requiring speed of response.

There are several differences between RPO and traditional recruitment, mainly as for who takes responsibility for the different tasks. In the case of traditional recruiting, responsibility lies on the company wishing to hire an employee, whereas in RPO responsibility lies on the outsourced firm and therefore the burden on the recruiting company is lightened. Other main differences are as follows:

  • Candidate search: in traditional recruitment the company uses mass advertisements to reach the candidates, while RPO takes advantage of its databases and paid tools to optimize the search process.
  • Getting in touch with candidates: in traditional recruitment, the HR department waits for interested candidates to respond to the advertisement, whereas in RPO it is the agency itself who directly gets in touch with the candidates meeting the requirements.

An RPO consultant handles the recruiting, evaluating, and selecting talent process with detailed reporting and evaluation of the service, providing specific solutions, and adapting to the needs of each company.


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